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Mayron Cole (right) and Harriet Gilchrist of Virginia laugh it up at an MTNA convention.

One of Tanya Ulsh’s student at the piano.

Mayron Cole visits with Tanya Ulsh and some of her piano students at Mrs. Ulsh spring recital.

Charlotte Wade plays the piano at her high school graduation in Oklahoma before a crowd of over 2000. She is playing "Graduation Memories" that Mayron Cole wrote especially for Charlotte. Ms. Wade has been teaching The Mayron Cole Piano Method in her father's piano studio since she was twelve. In September she will attend Oklahoma Baptist University where she will be a piano performance major.

Show us your stuff and put your photos here! We want to show YOU off! If you'd like to submit photos showing you and your students in action, please send either a regular photograph (and we’ll scan it; photos will be returned) or a scanned image saved as a jpg to the Mayron Cole Music Conservatory. See our Contact page for mailing instructions.

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