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Dear Mayron and Bill:

It's that time of the year again. I'm ready to put in my fall order for books. I am happy to say that in less than a year's time I have grown from 3 to 35 students. There was truly a need for piano teachers in this area. I even had to turn some students away because I had no more room for classes in my schedule. Right now I am teaching three classes after school, four days a week and one adult class on Saturday mornings. I am thinking of going to four classes a day next year, but we'll see first how this year's schedule works out with my family.

By the way, about half of my students took summer lessons and we did perform Mayron Cole's "Jack and the Beanstalk" at our local library. It went well. My husband starred as the Giant. My own two kids (ages 1 and 3) were so scared of him that they had to stay in another part of the library while the performance went on. Our only problem was that we didn't have enough seating for everyone. Thanks again for a great piano method!

—Grace H.

Mayron and Bill:

I noticed all the changes on your web site and that you've moved out of Houston (see Contact Us –Ed.). I really wouldn't blame anyone for that! I finally got one group going at the end of last year (12 and 13 year olds). I switched all of my other students (except for 3 of them) to your method. In the fall I'd like to start another group but may not be able to because it looks like unless I double my rates, I will only lose one student.

God bless,
—Harriett R.


Dear Mayron and Bill:

I've been meaning to send you a note ever since I attended the Seminar in Indianapolis but times just get away. The seminar was such a wonderful day. I learned so much about group teaching and was revived to say the least. You are both such uplifting spirits (even with the "flu bug!") That you for being willing to go the extra mile and help other teachers to succeed. I am excited to start using you method even more this fall.

—Teresa M.

Dear Mayron:

I just heard from a good friend in Montana that she got a class of kids together for Blast Off! She's in a panic because she didn't think she would ever get enough kids together to have the class and is now left unprepared! I told her to go for it – she'll do fine. She's sthe best ad-libber I know! Very creative person! Thank you for all you do for us out here that are trying to make a living teacing piano classes. We couldn't do it without you.

— Jodi K.

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Hi Mayron!

I wanted to let you know that Judy Knudson from Missouri sent me her student whose parents had transferred to CT due to her father’s job change. She uses the Mayron Cole Method. I finished 1-A with her and we did 179 pages in 1-B in six weeks before she went back to Missouri where they will go back to their permanent residence. It was a pleasure to take this child. She has been the ONLY transfer student I have ever had who had a SOLID FOUNDATION—thanks to your method. I forgot how much I enjoyed the songs in I-B.

Thanks again!
— Doreen G.A.

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