Testimonals on Changing to Group Piano Lessons

Dear Teachers:

I've been using The Mayron Cole Piano Method since Sept. of 1990, switching from private to group lessons. With Mayron's help and guidance, I have become successful in gaining more students, enlarging my studio, and raising my own confidence and self-esteem. I also have had many teachers contact me and asking all kinds of questions about the piano method. Many of these teachers are now successful in teaching group piano. I can't say enough about the Mayron Cole Piano Method, and I get positive feed back from parents.

But one of my concerning thoughts is this: families move about the country more frequently today, and they have to find that new teacher – preferably one that uses The Mayron Cole Piano Method. When I'm asked about a referral, I advise them to call Mayron for a teacher – or log onto her website at www.mcpiano.com. Checking out the teachers' LINKS section on Mayron's website, I was surprised that not enough teachers are taking advantage of posting their studios for parents to find. Not every teacher is fortunate to gain students just from word of mouth, and it's costly to advertise. Mayron is giving the opportunity to each of us who use her piano method to also use her much-visited website to advertise free – and also help parents find that great Mayron Cole teacher in their area for their child.

We as teachers are obligated to give our students the best music education that we can, and the parents of our students expect no less than what we can deliver. Parents want what is best for their kids and they spend a lot of time searching for that one special teacher. Unfortunately, their resources are sometimes very limited and through the process of elimination, (and not to mention the frustration the student endures!) changing from one teacher to another compels them to quit lessons. When a parent finds a teacher, they spread the word for that teacher. And they'll spread the word for you! All you have to do is mention Mayron's website and – who knows – because your name and studio are on Mayron's link page, that parent may be calling you.

The larger the list of teachers, the easier it is to find a teacher in a particular area of the country. Help the parents and help yourself, too!

Stell K.

Dear Mayron,

After 4 years as a private teacher, I changed to your group format this fall. I found your curriculum in an internet search, while I was looking for ideas to inspire my students, (and me!) last spring. I could tell many of them were losing interest (I was getting bored myself!) and was already seeing shrinking enrollment and income on the horizon! After studying the curriculum and going to your workshop in Houston, I decided to take the plunge into group teaching. I kept a handful of advanced/motivated students in private lessons, converted the other 12 or so to groups, and offered only group classes for new students this Fall. It took a LOT of publicity. We did newspaper ads and my kids and I put out 700 flyers in a house to house canvas. I offered tuition coupons for new students, and a $20.00 tuition credit for any existing student who referred someone to me. I answered a TON of questions about "Why?" from parents who weren't sure this was a good idea. (“Now Mrs. Smith, little Tommy is able to learn his multiplication tables in a classroom environment, why wouldn't piano work the same way?”) I purchased keyboards and converted my garage to a studio, with brightly painted walls and rainbow music notes everywhere. ( My teenaged son walked in as I was painting and asked "Mom” is this what a midlife crisis looks like?)

I started my Fall semester this week, using The Mayron Cole Method, and now I have to thank you for one of the most rewarding week of teaching piano I have ever experienced. The kids had a wonderful time. I had a wonderful time. The parents were thrilled, and "word of mouth" has already started the phone ringing. Two of my 6 year olds refused to leave after their first class!! (Their mom's took them both anyway protesting loudly) One of my 8 year olds said "Ms. Sherry when I grow up I want to have a bedroom that looks just like your studio, with lots of instruments and colors and stuff!) I am reenergized by the possibilities of group teaching.

With 4 group classes, I have already doubled my enrollment from last spring. I currently have a Menehune, Level 1-A, Older Beginner, and an Adult class. I plan to add 4 more classes as interest dictates. As a single Mom, I think this is a wonderful way to be available for my kids and still work and earn the income we need to survive. I have already quit my weekend job, and that alone has given me the gift of LOTS more time and energy for my kids.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I so appreciate your creativity and dedication to your piano curriculum. I am looking forward to next summer's seminar already!!!

— Sherry G.
Music Instruction by Sherry
Fuquay-Varina, NC

Dear Mayron:

I have about 50 students again this year and teach only 3 days a week - less than 2 hours on one of those days! I do enjoy teaching this way so much. There is such a need for piano teachers in my small town; I could have more students, but, because I have two little ones (2 and 4 yrs.), this works out just great for our family. I so much prefer your method to anything else I've seen! And your accompaniment disks are great - so superior to other accompaniment CD's I've heard.

Thanks for all the work you put into your method!
Grace H., Wisconsin

Dear Mayron:

I have to tell you again how exciting it is to be experiencing the enthusiasm of the parents and students for your method in our new Florida location. After having taught several other methods and now starting over with your method, my students are feeling successful. That is so gratifying for them and myself as well. Yesterday, one of my students said, “It is so much fun to play this music and to be able to actually read the notes.” They are sitting down with their parents and thanking them for getting them into the Mayron Cole Piano Method – which helps them to understand and read music. The parents are really impressed with the early instruction including eighth notes and early development of such concepts as fermata, staccato, flats, sharps, naturals, dynamics, ritardando, accents, time signatures, and rhythms. Some of these things were perhaps included in other methods, but they were never presented in an educational style and the students were never taught to learn them. Learning the geography of the piano has been so beneficial. The students are absolutely loving the CDs. Thank you for producing them for us! I am looking forward to seeing you at the seminar June 22nd in Houston.

Sharon Garland
Sharon Garland Music & Consulting
Kissimmee, FL

It has been my privilege for many years to include students in my studio who have special needs--disabilities because of vision problems, epilepsy, autism, cerebral palsy, and mental retardation. Because The Mayron Cole Piano Method is written in a clear, non-cluttered format with large print, this has been my preferred curriculum to help these children learn and read music.

Other methods present too much information too soon, but this method is a step-by-step, methodical approach that continually builds on material that has been previously presented. For this reason, students are able to retain the information better and build a strong musical foundation. The worksheets are a wonderful reinforcement of concepts, and we especially love all the board games that Mayron has created.

Because of this method, students who may not have had the opportunity to make music using other curriculums are now experiencing the joy of playing the piano for themselves. Mayron may never know how many lives she has touched through her hard work and dedication to bringing us the best!

Sarah Crouch
Cedar Hill, TX

Only God knows how deeply grateful I am to Mayron Cole and her wonderful piano method. It has been the main source of my family's income for over fourteen years now, and I still have to pinch myself when I think about how awesome it is that I get to do this!

My daughter, Melanie, (who is now almost 29 years old!) began taking lessons from Mayron Cole when Melanie was 11 years old. I am a pianist and had taught some private piano lessons through the years and I must admit that I was very leery of the whole group piano concept. But because of Mayron Cole's appealing personality, I started Melanie taking piano with her. This began a five year musical relationship with Melanie. And Melanie loved taking piano from Mayron.

During that period of time, I was a single mother of three. Mayron began talking with me about becoming a group piano teacher myself. She had begun publishing her music and was teaching other teachers her wonderful piano teaching skills. I knew first-hand that her group piano method worked, so after much thought, research, and prayer, I opened my first group piano studio in September of 1988. I began teaching in my home with 18 students that I'd obtained through word-of-mouth. What a beginning!

The next two years, I taught at Northwest Academy in Houston, TX, where I had 40 students. The following year (fall of 1991) and ever year since I have had a piano studio in my home where I average 65 students per school year. I now teach five students at a time and I only work 3 hours a day on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

I cannot begin to tell you what a blessing this piano method has been in my life. I have had lots of students make it all the way through The Mayron Cole Piano Method. I have even had local public school music teachers call me asking about the piano method because they were so impressed with my students who were in their music classes at school.

I know that I have the gift of teaching and truly enjoy encouraging students and seeing them grasp the piano playing concept. But The Mayron Cole Piano Method has given me the tools with which to teach. In looking at other piano teaching methods on the market, there is nothing to compare with this piano method. Mayron Cole herself is a musical genius, and for that I am grateful. I consider it a priviledge to share in her genius.

Madalyn Sykes
Houston, TX

I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE the Mayron Cole Piano method! After attending Mayron's workshop 2 years ago, I began converting my private studio over to small groups of 4 students. The students love the lessons, & the change has totally recharged my studio! My students are becoming great readers, & great counters. The ensembles are such fun. After teaching private piano lessons for 25 years, I only wish I had attended the Mayron Cole workshop much, much sooner. I adore Mayron Cole & her method!

Joanne M. Barnaba

Christmas Eve, my first ever music came from the publisher in its published form. How exciting!  Twinkle Toes was born. Two months later, a second was published, Runaway Jellybean. The publisher informed me that a third is soon to be published, Just Stompin' Around, and today I received a contract for First Dance, to be published soon. A lot of my inspirations come from a very delightful composer whose piano method I have used for 14 years. Let me fill you in.

I met a vivacious, lively piano teacher at a convention who was presenting her piano method books for the first time. I thought: If her music is as lively as this lady, I must listen.  I heard Mayron Cole present her music books and decided that for the first time since graduation with a master's degree in 1986, I had finally found something that would work successfully with my students.

That was 14 years ago and this is the only method book that I have used continuously through these past years. It works! The students enjoy her creative music, and the progression of concepts (which are presented more than once!) is solid and logical.  Thank you, Mayron, for all the inspiration you give us, for the music that is delightful and works, and for making it all fun.

Love always,
Rosemary Hughey
Carrollton, Texas

"The Mayron Cole Piano Method uses a very logical order of learning which makes it much easier for students to understand. What I like best about the method is the songs. They are easy enough for the students to play and build confidence, yet the music includes new concepts which challenge the students. Students like the books because the music is original and fun. The orchestrated accompaniments add to the mood and setting of the songs and give the music extra 'umph'! The Fun Sheets from the books are also unique and creative.

The teaching techniques that I learned from Mayron's summer seminar work great in my classroom. My piano classes go much smoother now, and the students are advancing at a faster pace. But most importantly, the students are developing a love for playing the piano."

Tonjia Willis
Carver Elementary Academy Piano Lab
Amarillo, TX

Hi Mayron,

Just a note to share with you my miracle story.

My music education was completed as a young woman. I was then married and two children were born. My dreams were then put on hold as my children's growth and education was more important to me. The years passed and we watched our children become beautiful young women. One is a speech pathologist program manager in Tyler, Texas and the other owns the Rowlett Music Studio in Rowlett, Texas with approximately 285 students.

After 31 years of working in an office for someone else, I was forced to retire at the age of 55. Talk about depression city. I sat looking out the window and wondered what I was to do with the rest of my life. I could not afford to retire and where does one start over at that age? If you remember, my daughter called and visited with you about my situation and you said if I loved children and was enthusiastic I should think about opening my own studio. I began to review my music training and attended training classes in Rowlett, Dallas and Houston.

In September 1999, I had a dream. I began to clean out my workroom (about 500 sq. ft.) and by December of that year, with the help of my children, that room looked somewhat like a small studio. In November 1999, I placed a small ad in a monthly publication, "The Kids Directory." January 8, 2001, Carolyn's Keyboard Corner opened with 2 students. March 2001 the studio's enrollment was 31. May 2001 was recital month and 150 people were present.

The summer was upon me and I plunged into Blast Off classes. Three weeks in June and July I held these classes and picked up 25 new students. All along the phone has continued to ring and I enroll new students. One year later, January 2002, my count is 74 students.

The first semester was scary, but I plunged in like I knew what I was doing. When you are 55, you don't have a lot of time to waste. My teaching technique is getting stronger and I am thankful for this wonderful opportunity. Music can change lives. Music is a discipline in which the spirit can flourish.

Thanks Mayron for your support.

Carolyn Hamm
Carolyn's Keyboard Corner
Little Rock, Arkansas

"The Mayron Cole Piano Method's strongest point is that it enables teachers to make readers out of their students instead of rote players or memorizers. This method systematically teaches students to read music instead of fingering numbers! Mayron's method is helping me teach 6,7,and 8 year old kids to read and play without asking questions like "Where is C" or "What note is that?" Instead of spending hourse trying to learn a piece that is far above their reading level, students are asked to read pieces that reinforce and challenge the skills they already possess. Students feel successful when they play these Mayron Cole pieces."

– Troy Barrington

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