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Hello Mayron and Colleen:

I just wanted to share a very positive story about one of my piano students. I had a mom stop by the studio about 2 months ago to talk with me about whether there was anyway we could help her visually impaired 8 year old daughter find a way to take piano lessons. M.... (the daughter) has limited vision because of a problem with her retinas. She must always wear dark glasses, is colorblind, and can only see very large print.
Mom had talked to a couple of other teachers without much success, and wanted to know if there was any way we could help. I walked back to my office and picked up a copy of your 1A book, handed it to the mom, and said: “Would this work?”. Mom lit up like a Christmas tree!! M..... started lessons that week, and has FINISHED the entire 1A book in 8 lessons. The print is a very readable size for her. Mom says that McKayla has been wanting to learn piano for 2 years and they couldn’t find anyone with the right resources to help her.
I though you would like to hear about how your books are making one little girl’s musical dreams come true. I can’t wait to see how fast we get through 1B!

S. G.
North Carolina

Dear Bill and Mayron and Colleen,

Today I taught the pedagogy class on Group Piano at Boise State University for Dr. Del Parkinson. Even though I do this each spring, I never teach it the same way twice.
We had 7 students and I started on the floor with note cards of 2 quarters and 2 eight notes saying, "Are these the same or different?" I have always started this lecture and every group class with the identical words and props. Is there any other way to start a class?!!! Then I used the Rabbit Game to reinforce the rhythms and handed out plastic keyboards to do the rhythms on notes. Then we talked about how to teach to the group and not individual lessons and not embarrass a student with the wrong answers but have the class as a whole do the item (rhythm clapping in this case after I had primed a student to do it wrong) until he could get it right.
Next I hand out a sheet with Mayron's info on why teach in groups, what kind of child will adapt to groups, and why not to teach in groups. (only if you don't want to make a decent living!)
I always hand out a green sheet (for money, natch) on Finances from Bill's lecture showing how the fictional teacher charges XXX amount, registration fee and collection of tuitions. I give them my contract/registration sheets which are edited from what Mayron gave us and give them permission to copy anything from them that they want. We also talk about "You have to look like a business, sound, smell and act like a business. And never apologize for charging a fair fee for a good product. I always warn them that they are representing Boise State's education program and never shortcut teaching well...or I will haunt them if Dr. Parkinson doesn't!!!
Since my Master's project was teaching 4 different group methods I found in the stores (Alfred's and Hal Leonard's adapted to a group class) and online (the Mayron Cole Piano Method and Mrs. Stewart's Piano Lessons) I highlighted what I had learned from them as well.
Time always goes too fast! I did not use any online video from your site since I could not get it to download at home to check it out and just bagged it. I did have a VHS video of me teaching at the end of the 4 method lecture and showed a blip of the kids playing. Videos are good, but actually getting on the floor and being the class is the best.
And I handed out two articles from your site which copied off the computer with extremely small print and I had trouble blowing up at the printers. It was like a size 6 font.
I actually had pangs of missing teaching as I went through the class and couldn't invite the kids to come observe me. However, I'm not THAT bored with retirement yet! In our newspaper today they featured a couple who are 84 and 85 who took 14 months of art lessons recently and are now doing pencil portraits just to have "something to do."
It's Festival/Piano Guild season so I am starting judging this Friday for the next 4 months.
Hope you are all well.

Love to all,
Gay Pool (ID)

Colleen, Mayron, & Bill,

I have people calling every week for lessons. Where have they been all my life? This is just unbelievable that so many people suddenly want to take piano.
Thanks for everything. 'm amazed. I have 47 students now. It is the most that I have ever had!

I would love to tell Pam N. that she was right. I took pedagogy from her at UTSA almost 2 decades ago and she told me to use your course. I didn't listen and didn't have the space to do group then but it was always in my mind. Do you know her?

K. H.

Dear K....

Yes, I know her very well! now Pam. F. She has moved to Br......, TX and teaches there. We just got an order from a school and the woman ordering said that she was ordering the books for a new teacher, P. F. She still believes in my piano method for which I am truly grateful! She is dear!--mc

Hi Mayron,

I have just completed day 4 of Blast Off and invited a fellow piano teacher to observe the class. She was 'blown away' and could not believe that the 7 and 8 year olds in the class could play all the rhythms perfectly (including eighth notes) and knew where all the notes were on the piano (at double speed too!). I gave her your contact information so I hope you will be hearing from her.......She was very impressed so I hope she contacts you.

I very much enjoyed the convention this year (even though I was jet lagged having just returned from England). It was very inspiring and I love the new ensembles. The KEYS Bingo game has also been a BIG hit. thanks so much

J. C.

Mayron and Colleen,

I just wanted to say how much I love your method. I have been using it for over 2 years now. There is truly nothing like this method. I mostly take beginners, but have had transfers come that could not count and were having extreme difficulty reading. They were most of the time in level 2 of other traditional methods. Within just a couple weeks of changing them over to the MC method they had greatly improved. One of those students today said, "This book has helped me read and count! Now I can even go back to my other method book and it is a lot easier to read." (This girl could not play very well and was practically in tears the first day because she was struggling reading and couldn't count.) This has happened many times over the past couple years. It is so exciting to hear them count steady and really read the notes! Parents just are thrilled with the success, but really I can not take full credit. This method is what makes the difference. If you want to teach in groups this is the only method that works! If you want happy students who practice this works! Parents do not even need to help them. You can not count on most parents to help with their busy schedules, but no worry MC method works anyway! Students go home confident and because of the confidence the students do not mind practicing. I have parents saying I wish I would have found you sooner. What a great compliment. Thanks to you for developing such a great method!

T. D.


I. Mayron, Bill and Colleen,

Just wanted to thank you for a WONDERFUL piano convention! I've only been teaching group piano classes with your method for the last two years and was so excited when you announced this year's convention. The classes were very
informative, the location was perfect, and I especially enjoyed meeting you three. You are extremely professional but also genuinely warm and kind! I know that you truly care about our success and feel so lucky to have been trained by you. Thanks again for all of your efforts on my behalf!

Looking forward to the next convention,

M. L.
P.S. I've convinced my sister-in-law and a niece to start using your method books so the Mayron Cole method is continuing to grow in Las Vegas!

II. Hello Mayron,

Congratulations to Colleen for last week's "excellent" workshop event. You must be really proud of her successful production. I include a thank you to Chris as well.

My thanks to you and Bill for your outstanding part in the program. As always, your expertise and information continues to inspire me and makes me look really smart with my group student families. Your method and curriculum has changed my professional teaching life in ways I never imagined would happen. I am sincerely grateful for this blessing.

When I have attended other workshops, I have sometimes been asked to complete an evaluation at the end. I thought this might be helpful in planning any future conferences, so I will include my feedback on the sessions I attended. I decided on a scale of 1--5, with 5 being the highest grade.

For Friday, the a.m. sessions I attended were Misfits' Roundtable (5) which Tanya kept "on schedule". She assigned us to different tables with 5 per table and same studio teachers at seperate tables. I thought this gave balance in the followup information. My 2nd session was Q & A (5) which was very informative about group class "how to's", i.e. Colleen's color coded grading system, managing rowdy students, etc., overview & comparison to other methods.

My 3rd session was Outside the Box (4) which seemed less productive during the teacher feedback part of the program. Jane Hurlburt was the only experienced "group" teacher at her table. All the others were "prospective group" teachers with more questions than input. I did enjoy the session and will use the information which applies to me.

Fri. p.m.I attended Sample Advanced Class (5+) which applies to my group class students and private level 5 and higher students. Mayron, you make everything seem easier to teach than I ever experienced in college. Thank you! Next, I attended Bonnie's Expanding your Studio (5+) which was awesome. When you look at her outline the amount of information is well organized, extensive and "Do-able". Her experience came through clearly and I was impressed with her explainations. Yeah for our studio!

My last session was Musical Meanderings (5+) which was well done from beginning to the end. Thank you for providing the ensemble samples through Colleen's students!

Sat. a.m. with Bill was AWESOME. Both sessions were 5+. My suggestion for his 2 sessions is to video to DVD and/or CD and add this to your business manual. It would provide you an "instant update" to include whatever you decide would be beneficial in this area. Also, you could offer this DVD as a single package for those who prefer video to reading. I have no idea what the cost of production would be for you. I do think this could be more widely accessed depending on your pricing.

Sat. p.m I attended Music Composition (5+++), which made composing understandable for the first time in my teaching career. YEAH!!!!! In future, I think I will really enjoy teaching this information to my students.

This email is too long, but I truly wanted to share my thoughts with all of you. I continue to enjoy teaching your group method and find that every lesson is exciting, challenging and rewarding for me. I have empowered and successful students whose parents often ask, "How do you inspire them to practice without being nagged?" I tell them, "It's the Mayron Cole method and curriculum. It is ALWAYS FUN." Then they thank me and say, they don't remember having "fun" at their piano lessons when they were students.

I look forward to trying all the new ideas learned last week at the conference. Take care and know we at PianoRAMA are your greatest fans.

J. M.

III. Hello!

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the presentations at the conference this past weekend. I am thrilled to begin teaching Mrs. Cole's method this fall and feel so much more confident going into my teaching having attended the seminars. Everyone did such and excellent and thorough job! On a personal note, thanks very much Dr. Cole for having such a caring spirit.... I will keep in touch. You were such a blessing to me in God's perfect time. Maybe a consult fee needs to be added to this invoice!!

Thanks to all,
L. J.

Dear Mayron & Colleen,

I want to sincerely thank you for the incredible support, advice and encouragement you've given me as I've gotten my grooup studio off the ground.

My recitals are coming up soon & that is always a wonbderful time. Many, many thanks for sharing you wonderful method with the world. You are both an important part of my daily work to teach children to play piano ia a fun way.

Many thanks,
J. H.
Adventures in Music


I love your piano method! I have played the piano for years but have never been very successful at helping anyone else learn to play because I just “figured” it out for myself and never took lessons. Your method is the first teaching method that has ever made sense to me! It is so clever to teach the rhythm first (which is usually the hardest thing to grasp), and the keys on the keyboard and then introduce the staff when they already know the basics! It gets them playing the piano and excited about it right away because you have made it such simple easy steps!

I am not a piano teacher. I am an elementary school teacher, and I am very impressed at your step-by-step method. I began the very first day teaching my 6-year-old granddaughter the first lesson in EZ Keys, and we did not stop until we were halfway through the whole book! So, I am very excited about continuing working with her and being successful for the first time teaching piano lessons! (Although I am only doing one child, your group method sounds really neat. I have used group teaching methods a lot in my classroom and it is a very motivating way to learn. It really helps the shyer students feel more comfortable, too.

Your music is so pretty. After playing some of the sample pages from your website, I ordered a few of the advanced books and pieces for me to play! I have enjoyed playing all of them, including all the teacher accompaniments to the first levels! Very, very creative and clever!

Thank you for your help.

J. A.


I truly enjoy teaching my group piano classes. Using Mayron Cole piano books has changed how I teach & how the children perceive music. I just switched 2 transfer students from Alfred Primer Level, & they just loved your method.
Thank you for developing a great & fun method.

D. R.
R. Music Studio (A Mobile Studio)

(EDITOR'S NOTE: This email from a parent was forwarded to us by one of our teachers.)
Hi J.,
J. really enjoyed class. Here is a picture of her Tuesday evening. After she came home and practiced some, she laid down on the couch with her piano book and went to sleep. I figured you would enjoy seeing it. See you Tuesday.
N. J.

"The most joyous and worthy thing in the world is to have a task to pursue throughout life." --Y. Fukuzawa

I just wanted to share this with you...

I am a Jim Brickman fan, and when he recently had a free event at a Borders in the DC area, I decided to take my young family to see him. When I was getting one of his songbooks to ask him to sign, my kids asked if they could have their music books signed too! So, now both Mayron AND Jim Brickman have inspired my children to play beautiful music!
R. H., R., A., and C. O.

Jim Brickman & fans

Dear Mayron,

......This is our first production so we're just hoping to have the families show up and since it's Thanksgiving weekend, there will be extended family.

I have had a J&B (Ed. note: Jack and the Beranstalk Operetta) script on my shelf for over two years and was waiting for the right time. I even had Jack chosen. And I finally gave him the part. I don't seem to have the right mix of piano students. My mom did children's choir/drama for years for our church back home. I have been wanting to do this--knew it would be great. When I mentioned it to the local homeschool group(which I am a member of) the director was so excited(she is my Co-director). This was in late September so I didn't think we could attempt it but she was so enthusiastic I though I'd better go with it. Thanks for your prompt shipping because I knew we had to start the next week. Anyway, the response to the songs is so great. They really do stick in your head and the kids are learning them so quickly. The little ones who can't even read are doing the best! Only a few are my actual piano students. (but all this fun may make the others want to take!) I only have two pianists because they all want to be in it-- it's been so much fun. Everyone is just pitching in and helping. They want to make it excellent. We also have a free facility at a church gymnasium. Well, I will get back to you. They are already talking about Cinderella for the spring.

Thanks so much,
C. E.

Hi Mayron and Colleen,
Aren't these girls cute! They did a great job at piano camp:

I had them learn from the Menehune book, and they made it to page 59!
They are all friends from school and worked really well together. It was fun.
They really enjoyed Keys Bingo. The tall student was visiting from New York for the summer. This is probably the best group that I have taught.

Best regards,
J. J. H.

HI Mayron,
I haven’t talked to you for a very long time! I used another method last year and I really fell apart. I’m going to be keeping with your stuff from now on!

I learned.
I’m sorting all my students right now.

_. _.

Hi Mayron,
I wanted to let you know that I taught "Graduation Memories" yesterday to a senior in high school. She has been my student since she was a little girl. The piece is beautiful. I also taught "Madrid" (Editor: in the Level 7-B book) to another graduating senior that has been my student since the 2nd grade. Where have the years gone Mayron? It is hard to believe that I have been teaching your method for nearly 18 years! Anyway, I need to thank you for all the great music and the wonderful friendship. You are special!

T. U.

(Editor's Note: This is how to start a studio!!)

Email with a BEAUTIFUL Grand Opening Flyer attached........, Mayron, I also advertised on a local electronic screen on the most busy street in (my city), Also put it for three weeks in the local paper. It is also being broadcast on the local movie screen before the shows. I also put it on the local radio station for this week. HOPEFULLY, it will draw LOTS of people. I have two people with the beginners , T..........., who has already taught your method and M........., who is just starting with your method. We are of course demonstrating with Mayron Cole method books, blast off and such and VERY of course with the ensemble material. I will take pictures on Saturday and send you a couple. Pray for me and this venture. With your method how can we fail, right?


I have enjoyed looking at all of the new products you have published and created over the years. I still maintain that your method is the very best. I've been reviewing many methods and new publications to familiarize myself with the products that have come out since I stopped teaching. Yours is still the most thorough, well-planned and motivating on the market. Even though, I haven't taught for many years, I still refer any piano inquiries to another Mayron Cole Method teacher in my area. Everyone that I have referred has been so pleased with your method and their children's success. I see former students quite often and they tell me how much they enjoyed their group piano experience and several have gone on to be accompanists.
Would it be possible to have you send me an updated catalog? I'd like to see a complete listing of your products and the new updates.


Just yesterday I had a class of students just starting in Level 1B. I gave them some supplementary material, Christmas and Halloween music, and let them get started on it themselves. And you know that that type of music is not going to be composed of only the notes they've learned so far. It was very gratifying for them to raise their hand and confirm a note they had figured out themselves. Their way of thinking was this: "Now, I know this note is a G, so since this is 2 notes higher it must be this note, right?" And these were notes that were not yet studied in their method book! I tell them this all the time, that your method really sets the foundation for learning, and to see them actually realizing that yesterday was a big WOW for them AND me! Adults are quick to figure this out, but these kids were 9 and 10!!!


Thank YOU -- for developing such a child-friendly course of piano instruction! Wish it had been available when I was toiling away at my scales and Schaum exercises...


Hi Mayron,
I just wanted to let you know we are having a Mayron Cole Monster Concert on the 21st of May. We have almost a WHOLE concert with Mayron Cole ensembles. They each have their favorite one too. I LOVE the Madrid Ensemble. They really have to follow me in that one. Love it! At first I didn't like the October Morn Ensemble as well as the (October Morn) solo (in the Level 6-B student book). But, I am liking it more and more.
Hope your life is going well. People are still talking about your music. Love it, Mayron.


Hi Mayron,
Thank you so much for the rhythm worksheets. i really appreciate your generosity and business. Your cirriculum has been a blessing & a proven success! God bless you and yours abundantly!!!

C. F.
P.S. Thanks to you two...Bill & Colleen!!

The Music Academy Music Mobile The Music Academy Music Mobile

(Editor's Note: This letter has a great idea! Many years ago, a teacher in Texas turned an RV into a music mobile. We wrote an article about the Texas teacher, and it is in our Advertising and Business Manual. We applaud Sherry for using our business manual in such a great way! m.c.)

Dear Mayron:
Here are the promised pictures of our new MUSIC MOBILE as it debuted in our local Christmas parade. The students, dressed in Santa costumes, marched in front of the RV. We have already received a feature story on our local NBC TV station, and the combined publicity has generated over 400 hits to our website. Needless to say, I'm encouraged! I plan to use January to do demo classes at local schools and hope to have some more paying clients by February.

S..... (85 students and counting!!)
Web site:

Back to the top.

Cherryl & her EZ Keys students

Dear Mayron & Colleen,
Thanks so much for all the help & assistance you've provided for me.
I started teaching the EZ Key courses in the fall, and it has been going very well. My 5 year old students have lots of fun learning, and they are moving fast. We just finished Book 2.



Jack, Jack's Mom, the Goose, the Con Man, and the Giant come alive in this 21st Century updated version of a classic children's favorite.

Editor's note: Rana McCoy's summer drama troop 2004 presented the Jack and the Beanstalk Operetta in Stillwater, OK;

Dear Mayron,
One of the great things about your method is how appealing the class piano fromat is to the male students. This past fall, I actually had more male beginners than female. That was never the case with private lessons. Thanks for all you do.


Dear Mayron,
I have been using the Mayron Cole curriculum since January, and I LOVE IT! Thank you for creating such a wonderful and FUN group piano curriculum.


Dear Mayron,
I want to thank you so very much for your kindness and excellent customer service you demonstrated a couple of weeks ago. I was just days away from holding my first student recital using the Mayron Cole piano method. The first half of the recital was to be a traditional performance of piano solos by 18 first-year students, and we had rehearsed Jack and the Beanstalk for the second half of the recital.

The accompaniment CD I had been using was scratched during our first dress rehearsal. I left you a message asking if I could purchase another CD to be sent overnight. Much to my relief, I received the UPS package the next day; not only did I receive prompt customer service, but you sent me two CDs and only charged me for shipping!! I thought it might have been a mistake until I read your kind comment on the invoice about being a good customer!! I was very touched by your generosity and can see why you have such a large following of faithful clients.

The recital went very well (thanks to you!). The parents and students loved Jack and the Beanstalk! We held the program at our library and had 90 people attend (more than I've had in past recitals using traditional methods). I had several parents and grandparents comment that they were glad I was doing more than just "piano" in this recital. (See picutres below.)

The parents made some really nice costumes and were very supportive of the "operetta" idea from the beginning. The students really bonded during rehearsals, and as soon as the program ended, they asked what would be the next show?! Good question....I'm really hoping your other operettas will have CD accompaniments soon -- they allowed me to give my full attention to the students during rehearsals and the performance.

I have enjoyed every bit of my first year teaching the Mayron Cole method. I wrote one article in our local paper and put about 400 flyers out last July. I also e-mailed my friends and our local homeschool organization about the Blast-Off camp. My private studio, which last year consisted of a handful of advanced voice students, grew to 33 students (mostly piano) within a month! I once again truly enjoy teaching piano to children, and have found your method to be the "magic bullet" that puts the passion and energy back into teaching studio music. Many, many thanks, Mayron.

Sincerely yours,
Karen B., DMA

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Dear Mayron
I have had 2 new group classes that started the first week of last month. The week after we had done page 8 in the Level 1-A book, one of my students came to the next lesson with her own creations. Since we had drawn "D with two blakc ears," she created "C for cat" and "E for elephant." I thought it showed real initiative on her part and knew you would get a little "kcik" out of it. Please forgive the copy of your page from the book. Since it was coming to you I hope you don't mind!


Thanks you for the help you gave me on the phone this past week and for the free Blast Off with Piano student booklet. It looks great! I can't wait to try out the Blast Off With Piano Course this summer. I am enjoying teaching your method and my students are having a great time learning to play the piano.

Would you please add my information to your teacher locator?

Thank you,

Well this is it; what do you think? We still have some landscaping to do. A permanent sign has been ordered also. I wish you could see the inside too.


Hi Mayron,
I have been teaching your piano method for one semester now, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it! I've also just started Kindermusik training online, and I posted your website address for two groups to see (approx. 40 trainees). I mentioned your method as being a great complement to Kindermusik. The students will be thoroughly prepared to go right into group piano lessons. Thanks for writing such a great and effective method.


Back to the top.

Dear Mayron,
I have only been teaching your method since August. Yet, I knew before I started that it would be the thing that renewed my love of teaching piano and having fun too. I found your web site one night while just browsing out of "desperation." I had dabbled with a few group lessons for my boy students --they enjoyed the atmosphere but I did not have a solid plan for where to go with it. When we decided to move here from California, it all seemed to fall into place to start over as a group piano studio. I had decided to quit teaching altogether because I was so burnt out (and I was even called "the fun teacher" in my home town!) We went for it and secured a building lease to get me out of the home. My daughter is my assistant and plays all the accompaniments as well as runs game time. We are small (5 kids and 7 adults, four classes) but I am having a great time with it and have some private students on the side. I know it will grow in time.

THANK YOU for meeting a great need, not only for teachers, but for adults and children who need to learn how to really read music, and think and reason in a way that will stay with them.


Dear Mayron:
I had a theory class with some of my students this summer, and we did your ensemble Autumn Sounds (Editor's note: go to "Beginner-Ensembles") and people on the sidewalk outside our studio came in and sat down and listened. After we were through, a man asked if we would do it again if he ran up the street to go get his wife and grandchildren. Boy that was an esteem builder wasn't it? My students' buttons were popping off their shirts, they were so proud.

Hope all is well with everyone there. Carolyn's Keyboard Corner is very busy - I think last count was 137 students. It is a good thing I am a hard worker. (ha-ha)

Thanks for everything.


Hi Mayron,
I have a friend I am helping learn the piano. He is from Louisiana. He loves your course. ESPECIALLY the unintimidating notes. He is actually doing pretty well. But, I just had to let you know he is giving you much positive comments. He is in book three of the Older Beginner Series

L. S.

Hi, Mayron:
We had our rehearsal today for our Grand Finale for the recital tomorrow. It went really well! Which is kind of scary, having a great rehearsal. It's usually Bad Rehearsal=Great Performance! But after each class worked on their part for several weeks, we put it together for the first time today. When the Menehune students joined in with their part, I got goose bumps. And big smiles from the rest of the students hearing that big finish on your Patriotic Ensemble. We had some balance problems, some growling with low notes since I had two students on each piano, but I hope that we got that worked out. And those students who didn't know their parts well, I made sure their volumes were turned down and that they were using instrumentation that doesn't come out.

But I'm sure that it will be great tomorrow night when all forty-seven students play together. Again, we all thank you for writing the Patriotic Ensemble for us. We'll get it video taped and sent to you. We hope it's worthy!