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Not sure how to proceed?

Web sites use the button and link method to get from one "page" to another. Text that is in color and underlined is an active link. A graphic or image that has a colored box? Another active link. A button usually has what is called a rollover. A rollover is when you put your mouse on a button and something else takes it's place while still at the same spot. For example, we use black piano keys that look like they are depressed with pink type when your mouse is placed over it. Click on it and it will take you to whatever page the button is named.

Can’t hear the music?

We created this site using Apple Computers’® QuickTime® technology. To hear the music you must have QuickTime loaded on your computer. Please take a few minutes to download it using the links provided. Still can’t hear it? In your browser preference (Netscape, Explorer or other) designate that .aif or .aiff files are to be opened by QuickTime.

What is a PDF file?

PDF stands for portable document file. This technology was developed by Adobe® to transfer files between people electronically without a lot of hassle no matter what platform you are on. It is becoming standard for publishing files on the web. We utilize this technology to get our order form and Muse News® to you easily and quickly. If you have trouble reading these files, please visit Adobe®’s web site and download the free Acrobat Reader for your platform.

Can’t view the video?

The video is created as a mov file. Please make sure you have a program loaded that can read an mov (Quicktime for example) and have your preferences set to open mov files in that format.

Something doesn't work or you get an "Error, page not found" error.

If you find something that doesn't respond correctly, doesn't load properly or just isn't there, we want to know. We are regularly improving our site and some times we miss something. If you find a "bug" or have a suggestion for a change, please drop us an email. We want your visit to be pleasant and for you to find everything you want quickly and easily.

Is my purchase secure?

Yes. We use the secure server provided by NetStores, who hosts our e-commerce site. If you are unsure if your on a secure site, at the bottom of the page should be an icon of a padlock. If the padlock is unlocked the page isn't encrypted; if the lock is locked, it is.

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