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Use This MUTE Keyboard To Teach New Concepts At Game Time!

Silent 49-Key Piano Teaching Aid

$11.95 each

We've had so many teachers ask us for a small piano keyboard to use during game-time (similar to the one that Mayron used in the Seminar DVD/Video), that we went out and found one just for you! For a limited time, Mayron Cole Piano offers this perfect game-time teaching aid at the unbeatable price of only $11.95 each!

This 49-key MUTE piano keyboard is the perfect size for you to use to teach and review the piano keys at game-time. Better than a flat piece of plastic or paper, this real piano keyboard will aid in teaching young beginner students how to push down the keys as well as keyboard geography; help you to teach fingering and accidentals to advanced-beginner students; and can even be used to teach chords and scales to more advanced students. Since this keyboard is mute, your students can silently play along with the new concept that you are teaching without you having to talk over the cacophony.

This model of keyboard usually retails for $55.00, but we found a factory that had some of these keyboards with defective on-off switches at a fraction of the price. Now we are passing this wonderful savings on to you! At only $11.95 each, you can afford to purchase several of these silent keyboards for game-time. In fact, you can purchase 5 keyboards for the additionally discounted price of $50.00! But hurry, these keyboards will only be available while supplies last!

Keyboard dimensions: 29" W x 10" D x 3 ½" H

KEYBrd (49-key MUTE Keyboard) $ 11.95 each + shipping
KEY5Brds (#5 49-key MUTE Keyboards) $ 50.00 each set of 5 + shipping

Colleen teaches keyboard geography at game time.