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Piano Group: From 1st Grade to 8th Grade!

Hi Mayron!

This is just so adorable, I had to share it with you. They started in the first grade with your "Red Books" and ended their eighth grade year with Beethoven, Chopin, & Kabalevsky ! They are now in the tenth grade:

K...(left) is a percussionist in a top jazz band.

E...(center) is the star of "Sweeney Todd" and in an a capella jazz show choir and madrigals.

A...(right) is in a top orchestra playing viola,and is still studying piano with me!


The began as a group in the first grade

“There is an exciting body of research that indicates that music instruction at an early age actually wires the brain for learning… In a study published in Neurological Research, Dr. (Frances) Rauscher (psychologist at the University of Wisconsin) found that… children who received piano keyboard lessons scored significantly higher on spatial reasoning tests than the other children (not taking piano lessons) who were matched in IQ and socio-economic status — 34 percent higher to be exact. Spatial-temporal reasoning involves higher brain functions that are needed to solve complex math and science problems. Thus, the findings pointed to a direct link between music instruction and math and science aptitude… She (then) replicated her earlier study but used… group piano instruction rather than private lessons. She found that students receiving group keyboard instruction outscored those who received no formal music training by an astonishing 48 percent on spatial reasoning tests… The research clearly shows that music instruction, taught by qualified teachers, produces measurable enhancements in the development of children’s brains, resulting in significant educational benefits. It is important to note, however, that the cognitive and academic improvements highlighted by the research come about only with sequential instruction in music provided by qualified teachers.”

-June M Hinckley, President of The National Association for Music Education
in a speech to The United States House of Representatives Committee on Education
July 15, 1999

These Are The Reasons Why We Teach In Groups!
--Mayron Cole