$39.95 -- Proven suggestions from teachers and successful techniques to build your business.




Our Many Years of Studio Experience in ONE Book!

We took our best ideas for running a successful group piano studio and put them into this LARGE book for you to use at YOUR studio! Piano teachers all over say this is the best investment they ever made! How do you build a studio? How do you advertise for students? How do you charge for your piano program? What about make-up lessons? This book works best for you if you have already completed the Seminar Training Video Program.  It is an old edition that has current ideas still presented in a "1980's style."  When we update this book in the future, it will still have these successful ideas.  They will just be formated in a more up-to-date style. 


TEACHERS: In order to protect the valuable proprietary information in our business/advertising manual, we sell it ONLY to customers who are already using The Mayron Cole Piano Method in their music studios.


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